大家好 ! 我叫多多老師

Hello! I am Miss Dor Dor

I realise that I always have dyslexia after I have grown up. When I was in primary school, even though I was very hardworking, I still failed or also scored 0 marks in dictation. In primary five and six, I was deprived of rest and playing time in all recesses for two years due to detention requested by the teacher. I was low in self-confidence, and I always felt that I was foolish. This has become an unforgettable memory even now.
I am now a social worker, and I wish to assist parents and teachers in nurturing children with special education needs so that they will feel loved and respected. Children will then be able to build their own stage and recognise their values in life.


My name is Doru.
“I want to kill you! Shit! Idiot!”

I am 7 years old. All these are what I used to say daily. I diagnosed with autism. Adults say that I am not able to understand others’ feelings by observing their facial expressions. I continuously teased. Does anyone understand my feelings? I am very, very angry. When I met Miss Dor Dor at the beginning, I will throw everything in the room. However, Miss Dor Dor always said, besides hurting her and myself, I can do anything. She is an extraordinary adult because I have never met an adult who tells me that I can do anything. She is the first person who understands me. At least she knows I am furious.
Remarks: 4 months later, we met in the playroom again. However, he didn’t throw anything. Instead, he was playing with a smile on his face. We always say that children with autism are unable to understand others’ feelings. This is the reason why autistic children are always requested to understand others while their sense is usually ignored and not understood.


My name is Mini Dor Dor

1. 學校能否有更多元的學習模式?例如影音、視頻?
2. 除了考試,評核的方式可以更多元嗎?
3. 大家可以幫助我發揮我的能夠或專長做的事,而不是強迫我跟隨大家不擅長的學習框架嗎?
I am a primary 3 student. “No matter how much time I spend on studying, there will not be any return. I am useless.” I am bad at recognising words. However, all homework, tests, and exams only focus on copying and dictation. I am worse than others in all aspects. Miss Dor Dor helps me in looking for my strength, and I realise that I like cooking a lot. In the graduation ceremony, I baked donuts for everybody. Although I have dyslexia, I still have a lot of ability.


I am Curious Dor Dor

大家都說我不正常,需要接受小組治療。DOR DOR老師接受我用自己喜歡的方式表達,例如眨眼示意或文字,其實我一點問題也沒有,有問題的只是那些強迫我說話但從不用心聆聽的人。」
1. 什麼是正常?
2. 人是不是一定要用言語溝通?可不可以接受每個人都獨一無二?
3. 不願意說話背後的原因是什麼?
I am a primary 1 student. "Both my IQ and speaking ability are normal. However, I don't have a position at home. My mom and dad said that my brother is the best while I am the worst. That's why I don't like to speak. Anyway, nobody wants to listen to my thoughts. Everyone says that I
am abnormal and I need to be treated. Miss Dor Dor accepts me to express in the way I like, e.g., blinking eyes or writing. I don't have any problems. Only those who force me to talk but never listen to me with their heart are problematic."


I am Mercy Dor Dor

I am a primary 1 student. “I can’t express myself. People are unable to understand what I want. That’s why I sometimes lose temper.” My parents are both deaf and speech-impaired. I live in a family without sound since I was born. One of my ears is also deaf. Nobody talks to me since I was a child. This is how I become partially impaired. My classmate has once asked if I am dumb. I don’t know how to express yself by talking. However, I am powerful in observation. I also
wish I can have some friends.


I am Grateful Dor Dor

I am a primary 5 student. "Due to congenital disease, I have to spend my whole life in a wheelchair since I was 7 years old. My mom says that my legs are weak due to immobility, and she hopes I could train my arm harder. This is why she doesn't buy me an electric wheelchair. Hong Kong is a fast-paced city, and sometimes people will push me. I feel like I am not fast enough, and I don't have a position in this world. I miss the day when I can jump. I have to look
for my own pace gradually, and I wish I can be accepted.


I am Beautiful Dor Dor

I am a primary 3 student. "One day, mom sent me to a place called the school. Mom said she fought so hard for me to get the chance. However, I feel so difficult here. The teacher and I both don't understand each other. I can never reach the standard set by mom and teachers. Is this my fault? Before I was sent to this place, I was always happy. What is school?"
Intellectual disability is congenital. Children's mental level is impossible to be improved by any training. Parents have to accept the fact and let go of the thoughts to improve their intellectual ability. We have to assist them in looking for their strength instead of forcing them to do something they are not able to do. Parents should offer opportunities for children to explore. The focus should be on the children's ability and re-building confidence.


I am Wonderful Dor Dor

I am 9 years old. I am a primary 3 student.“I have to visit the psychiatrist and take medicine. I can’t control myself. I am insane. I am useless.” Teachers, doctors, and parents all said that I have Attention Deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). My academic results are bad. Mom said that I could sit quietly in the classroom, listen to the teachers, and focus on studying if I take medicine. Mom will be happy if I have excellent academic results.
According to my experience, ADHD doesn’t exist. Then, what is wrong with us? Our society has too many rules. Children have to sit quietly in the school while they are naturally energetic but space and time to play are incredibly insufficient. We label kids with natural needs as “abnormal.”
This so-called “disease” leads to failure in self-recognition and denial of values. Problems will no longer exist when the environment changes.


I am Dora Dor Dor

我是一個中一學生,「我的外表跟普通人沒有分別,我的眼球完整,但是我完全看不見,有時在街上不小心碰到別人,會被指罵,說我假裝失明,我很難受。雖然我看不見,但是我也有感受。為了避免誤會,我要遮住原好無缺的眼球,戴上太陽眼鏡。」我有一位好朋友和我同行,牠叫A 夢,牠是我的眼睛。
I am a secondary 1 student. "My appearance is the same as ordinary people. Although my eyeball looks healthy, I am completely blind. Sometimes, I accidentally bump into the passengers in the street, I will be scolded. They say that I pretend to be blind. I feel so hurt. Although I can't see, I still have feelings. To avoid misunderstanding, I have to cover my eyes by wearing sunglasses when I go out." I have a buddy who walks with me. It is called Emon. It is my eyes.